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Dionne Martin 
Legal Nurse Consulting

Elevating Attorneys Above And Beyond Their Expectations

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Your Reputation And Time Are Valuable

The Solutions You Want And The Results You Deserve


The Solutions You Want

Have you ever been blindsided by the opposing party having detailed information that you didn't know was available to you?

Is the amount of medical records daunting and you can't begin to know how to organize them or decipher them?

Do you want to have the expert knowledge to discover all information available for your interrogatories, depositions, medical exams, and records to be discovered? 

Would you appreciate the most up-to-date standards of care and best practices in healthcare by someone who is currently working in the profession now?

Are there not enough hours in your day and you want to be able to trust someone to explain, educate, and give you an excellent work product, that will give you back more of the time you deserve to pursue your personal interest?

Is the value of getting an excellent work product tailored to your needs and wants something that you feel is a priority in your practice?


The Result You Deserve

There is a plethora of authoritative information available if you know where to locate it. It's all in how you ask.  

With a myriad of different electronic healthcare records out there, you need the expertise of someone who works with them daily to be able to navigate the overwhelming amount of information.

You need an expert with over 20 years of assessing patients, their medical history, and electronic medical records. There is so much more to obtain to bolster your case.

Standards of care, policy and procedure, evidence-based practice as well as best practice are accessible when you know just how to ask for them and where to find them. 

A better balance of work and leisure can be obtained when you have a trusted expert handling all the medically related aspects of your case.

An impeccable work product, created with excellent time management is of the utmost value to your client, you, and your reputation. 

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How Your Wants and Needs Are

Identified and Eliminated

I am a Bachelor's Degree trained Registered Nurse who has a certification in Legal Nurse Consulting.  This is backed up by over 20 years of nursing expertise, in Cardiology, Emergency/Trauma, Critical Care, Flight Nursing, and Critical Care Transport. Daily I pour over medical records to verify accuracy and that up-to-date standards of care are met. Pages of medical records can be overwhelming but in the right hands, they can be transformed into a chronology of care, to give you the powerful edge you need to represent your client without any surprises. 

You need an objective, non-biased expert to bring all the facts to light and presented in such a way that elevates you above the average attorney. Arm yourself with a dedicated team of certified experts who are the authoritative leaders in their specialty, both nursing and medical. Don't be average, stand out as the attorney that is beyond compare in regards to the organization and preparation of every medically related case you represent!

Do you want more out of your practice without having to do more? Do you want all the details available to you but are unsure how to obtain them? Put my expertise to work for you. You will receive the solutions you want and the results you deserve.

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To elevate the client by providing exactly what they want and need in every aspect of a medical case so they can focus more on the legalities that set them apart from their colleagues. All the while returning to them the unmeasurable value of being in control of their time and resources.


To produce the best work product available by quickly, efficiently, and resourcefully discovering all relevant material needed to develop a winning case. To protect patients, providers, healthcare systems, the legal system, and society from malicious non-meritorious malpractice cases. To save both plaintiff and defendent attorneys valuable time, money, and resources, allowing you to more time for what matters for you.

Core Strengths

Uphold the rights of patients and caregivers by identifying and presenting all the facts available for an unbiased assessment.
Demystify, analyze, Interpret, and organize a patients health history with accuracy and efficiency.
Produce exceptional work products, backed up by authoritative literature based on the attorney's needs.
Develop unique and focused discovery questions, and interrogatories based on each individual case.
Have superior locating skills when it comes to finding authoritative, expert witnesses for each case both of nursing and medical nature.

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Tyler, TX

+1 (903) 201-2022

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